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Sol currently features 21 different classes, with more coming soon!

Each class has 1 or 2 of the main stats it relies on. The higher that stat, the more effective the character will be as that class. Each class also has 5 abilities, and players can choose 3 when creating their character. A full list of all class abilities can be found in the Game Rules and Here as a downloadable Google Docs file.

Ranged Damage

Marine (AGL)

A well-rounded soldier trained in the basics of combat and tactics, threatening alone or in squads, and ready to tackle any challenge thrown their way. Their abilities allow for sustained, consistent damage to a target.

Bounty Hunter (AGL)

With humanity so widespread, law enforcement finds itself in need of vigilantes willing to risk limb and life to track down, apprehend, and return wanted fugitives. Bounty Hunter abilities focus on slowing, trapping, or hindering enemies.

Pirate (STR/AGL)

Skilled in the arts of theft, plundering and pillaging, pirates excel in boarding ships and executing prisoners all while drinking a bottle of rum. Pirate abilities excel at hitting multiple targets and causing chaos on the front lines.

Heavy Weapons (END)

Soldiers dedicated to large scale weapons, trained on heavy machine guns and laser cannons. They stand firm while dishing out and absorbing tons of damage. Heavies abilities provide damage to multiple targets, enhance their weapons, and give support to the team.

Close Range Fighters

Knight (STR)

Elite soldiers selected to learn traditional swordsmanship and earn their knighthood. These defenders serve as core elements in ship to ship boarding parties. Knight abilities allow for aggressive front line soldiers dealing out area damage or protecting their team.

Nomad (STR)

Wandering individuals who live most of their lives in space. They dedicate themselves to martial arts in order to protect the ship they call home at any and all costs. Nomad abilities enhance their lone nature, allowing them to deal high single target damage and draw attention away from the team.

Explorer (STR/INT)

As humanity expands, it needs daring souls willing to navigate any terrain and with the insight to analyze any situation. A true Explorer handles all of that with a smile. Explorer abilities let you move quickly around a fight, setting up extra damage for allies and scouting areas.

Single Target Assassins

Assassin (STR)

Oft amoral, the best paid killers are able to slit throats and snap necks without a sound. In the assassination business, there are only the skilled and the dead. Assassin abilities add bonus damage and let you either sneak or dash in and out of the fight.

Marksman (AGL)

A trained individual who has mastered the art of precision shooting. Commonly these individuals use caliber sniper rifle but there expertice goes far beond mastering one weapon. An Agility based Class, Marksmen abilities grant massive bonus damage and lends towards the long range sniper or the quick, efficient spec ops commando.


Medic (INT/END)

Marines who receive medical training in addition to combat. They can save the lives of their allies while still holding their own in a fight. Medic abilities give out quick healing while also enhancing damage and movement in a fight.

Doctor (INT)

Medical professionals specializing in surgery and xeno-disease control. Most are commissioned by the Confederation for ongoing studies as humanity expands across the galaxy. Doctor abilities focus on massive heals and health buffs.

Mad Scientist (INT)

A medical professional who toes the line between genius and insanity. Rules are meant to broken and no one ever got their name on a scientific discovery without breaking a few skulls. Mad Scientist abilities heal in strange ways such as stealing health and dish out debuffs to inhibit the enemy.

Ability Based Casters

Computer Specialist (INT)

Experts in electronics, the Computer Specialist can hold command over technology through the use of functions and scripts. Computer Specialist abilities grant control over technology and can identify or enhance stats for the team.

Diplomat (INT)

With their command over language, a diplomat can twist enemies into brothers with a word and the break apart the closest of friends with just a suggestion. Diplomat abilities excel at manipulating emotions and hostility of targets.

Psychologist (INT)

With years of study into the way the mind works, psychologists know how to persuade and manipulate people into doing the right thing. Psychologist abilities work best by disabling the enemy via sleep, hypnosis, or amnesia.

Bartender (INT)

A professional mixologist with the street smarts to match, a real bartender can hold their liquor just as well as they can hold their own in a fight. Bartender abilities let you deal damage and cause chaos while keeping a constant supply of stat altering drinks.


Music can inspire people to strive forward or drop them into a sea of sadness. The best DJ’s take this to the extreme, physically influencing the environment with their music. DJ abilities focus on disable large groups while enhancing your team’s own abilities.

Team Supports

Officer (INT)

Both a soldier and a leader, they command groups of enlisted Marines in combat missions as well as request fire support from Confederation High Command. Officer abilities allow for extra turns, extra damage, or extra reinforcements in tough situations.

Engineer (INT)

An expert in construction and technology. Their knowledge of battlefield robotics makes them a surprisingly strong force on the battlefield. Engineer abilities let them build and enhance small armies of robot soldiers.

Merchant (INT)

An expert in buying and selling objects and items. The merchant specializes in acquiring large amounts of goods and funds to support themselves. Merchant abilities give the whole team more items and enhance their luck.

Thief (AGL/INT)

Attracted to shinies and valuables, the thief lives for the thrill of the heist and the size of their bank account. Thief abilities focus on making stealing quick and easy, then letting them escape without notice.