Boy – Thief

Born in prison to a woman who died before she finished her sentence, the warden forced her son to finish out the duration. Never given a real name, the prison guards would call him “Boy”, a nickname that soon stuck. A few of the other inmates kept Boy safe, teaching him Thief skills like pick pocketing so he could steal food for himself. During one of the prison’s death matches, Boy managed to steal multiple items from the opponents and make use of them in the fight.

Jack ED – Nomad

A simple, rather dumb nomad who worked as a miner on Pluto,  Jack found himself caught up in a case of mistaken identity. Paid by the Martian Senator to simply guard a ship on its way to Mars. The ship was attacked en route and the pirates captured everyone but Jack. When law enforcement arrived on scene and found Jack with a missing Martian Senator, Jack was quickly arrested. Falsely accused and imprisoned, Jack jumped at the opportunity to escape during on the of prison’s death matches where he beat the opposing convicts into submission.

Jack Carroway – Pirate

A small, two-bit pirate arrested when he attacked the wrong ship, Carroway was promptly imprisoned. During one of the prison’s death matches, he cut down most of the opposing team, securing both victory and freedom for himself and his fellow convicts.

Robin Hood of Space – Mercenary

Fancying himself the future reincarnation of the classical literary hero of the poor, Robin was captured by Mars law enforcement after trying to break into the Interplanetary Bank of Mars. Once imprisoned, Robin demonstrated his rather unhinged mental state with a series of awkward and morally questionable actions. He escaped along with his fellow team of convicts during a prison death match despite never accomplishing anything more than shooting himself in the foot during the fight itself.

Samantha “Sam” Anthem – DJ

Daughter to a pair of rather well known con artists, Sam decided she wanted to explore the Sol System instead of settling down into a career of tricking idiots out of their bank accounts. Following a mysterious message, she found herself arriving on a small space station orbiting one of Jupiter’s moons.

Mike – Mercenary

A man of questionable loyalties, always looking for the next big pay check. He jumped at the chance of a quick pay day when he received a mysterious message leading him to a space station around Jupiter.

Liz – Bartender

A planet hopping bartender, Liz picked up a questionable skill set from the shadier bars she worked at. Apparently word has gotten around, because she received an offer for a job with a point of contact on a space station around Jupiter.