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Sol hosts a full list of items including weapons, armor, attachments, and consumables. There are currently 178 different items, with more coming as we release new updates. A full list of all current items can be found Here as a downloadable Google Sheets file.

Some Items have Stat Requirements. In order to be able to use that Item, the player’s corresponding stat must be equal to or greater than the requirement listed. Players with lower stats can attempt to use the item anyway, but they will have to make two (2) successful rolls; One to overcome the stat requirement and one to actually use the item.

Items fall into 1 of 3 Rarities; Normal, Rare, and Legendary. Normals are standard, every day items meant to be perfectly balanced for the average player. Rare items start to skew things in the player’s favor, maybe through increased damage or a special effect. Legendary items work as game changers with higher damage and powerful item effects that make the player a force to be reckoned with.

Items are classified into the following Types; Wears, Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, Medical Tools, ConsumablesTrinkets, Accessories, and Utility


Wears are, surprisingly, items that you wear into battle. They usually give the player increased defense in some way, and many give passive stat bonuses as well. Wears can be broken down into 3 Subtypes; Armor, Power Armor, Cloaks. A player can only equip a single Armor, Power Armor, or Cloak at any given time.


Armor is meant to add defense to a damage dealer, giving flat damage reduction in the form of an increased ARM stat for the player. Rarer armors can provide additional protection through increased ARM or special item effects.

Power Armor

Another defensive Wear, but more focused on making the player able to take as much damage as possible. Instead of giving flat ARM, Power Armor comes equipped with regenerating energy Shields that block a certain amount of incoming damage while active. Rarer versions have more powerful Shields.


Cloaks work by increasing the movement of the player and giving them the ability to dodge attacks more easily. They work best when worn by high damage dealers who don’t want to risk taking any unnecessary hits.

Ranged Weapons

Since the early days, warfare has been won by those with the ability to hit their enemy harder from farther away and the Sol Universe is no different. Ranged Weapons usually have a slightly lower damage than Melee Weapons, but allow a player to constantly deal damage without being in the thick of things. Ranged Weapons have 5 Subtypes; Pistols, Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Weapons Platforms, and Bows.


Not much has changed with the Pistol over the years. Pistols have the lowest range and damage of all Ranged Weapons, but are also the easiest to use with few if any stat requirements.


The bread and butter Ranged Weapon, a balance of damage and range but typically with an Agility stat requirement. Rarer items will have item effects focused around either dealing extra damage to a single target or spreading damage across multiple enemies.

Heavy Weapon

These include machine guns, laser cannons, and rocket launchers. While offering slightly lower range than a Rifle, they also feature much higher damage along with an Endurance stat requirement. Rarer Heavy Weapons focus on maximizing the amount of damage they can deal to multiple opponents.

Weapons Platforms

Less standardized weapons and more highly advanced weapon systems, these include items like orbital lasers and missile targeting devices. They deal some of the highest based damage in the game, but come with high Intelligence stat requirements.


With advancements in power armor, bows are now incredible weapons that can penetrate through even thick armor with little to no noise. Favored by the strongest warriors and those in need of quiet takedowns, bows utilize the strength the of the user over a distance

Melee Weapons

With the dangers of hull breaches and decompression and ever present concern in a space age, civilized close combat has seen a return in the Sol Universe. Lacking the safe range of Rifle and Pistols, Melee Weapons reward players for closing in with their targets by dealing much higher damage. Most Melee Weapons feature Strength stat requirements and have 6 Subtypes; Long Swords, Short Swords, Nomadic Weapons, Knives, Blunt, and Shields

Long Swords

Two handed blades requiring practice and dedication to formal styles. Long Swords have a higher damage and serve as a more consistent source of damage amount melee weapons. Rarer Long Swords can come with item effects that help deal even higher amounts of damage or ignore enemy defenses.

Short Swords

Smaller bladed weapons that can wielded easily in one or two hands. Individually they deal less damage than Long Swords but with their more compact size it’s easier to dual wield two Short Swords. However landing blows with two different weapons is much more difficult.

Nomadic Weapons

Blunt fist based weapons originally created by the wandering Nomads. Roughly equal to Long Swords in terms of damage, Nomadic Weapons help enhance martial arts experts by amplifying their damage or allow their blows to strike multiple targets.


Small, easily concealed blade weapons. While not intended for direct combat with their lower damage than most Melee Weapons, Knives are best used for quick, efficient assassination kills.

Blunt Weapons

When in doubt and with no other weapons at hand, sometimes you have to work with what you’ve been given. Blunt weapons fall clearly into this exact type of situation, ranging from baseball bats to stop signs. While not designed for combat, blunt weapons can be very effective in all the wrong ways.


The return of melee combat also brought about the resurgence of shields. They work best paired with a single handed weapon and wielded in the user’s off hand. They generally work to increase the defensive capability of the user, but in a pinch you can always just smash someone in the face.

Medical Tools

Often used by doctors and medics, Medical Tools allow the player to heal the Stamina or Concentration of themselves or another character. The better and rarer tools often have item effects that provide enhanced healing. Items such as Scalpels and defibrillators fall into this category.


Consumables are single use items with specific unique effects. After the item is used, it is removed from the player’s inventory. Currently there are 4 Subtypes of consumables; Medical, Alcohol, Grenade, Ammo, or Robotics.


Medical consumables provide single use healing or debuff removal to the player or character the consumable is used on. They often take the form of first aid items and medical drugs.


Alcohol consumables provide brief stat bonuses to the using player in the form of the Drunk passive. However with these stat buffs the player also loses the ability to regenerate their Concentration over time. This passive lasts until the end of combat.


Grenades are one use damage items that either deal direct area damage to the target or provide a utility such as a smoke screen or blinding targets.


Ammo adds special passives to damage dealt by ranged weapons for 3 turns. Examples of different ammo types include ARM ignoring, armor penetrating rounds or extra damage from plasma rounds.


Boxes of premade robotic parts that can be assembled to create a pet robot that will follow the commands of the player. Different kits will created robots with slightly different stats. These are most effectively used by an Engineer, however all classes may use Robotics consumables.


Trinkets modify player abilities or enhance their stats and regeneration. While not giving any straight offensive or defensive abilities, Trinkets provide powerful bonuses or modifiers to Class Abilities. The right Trinket can make a player that much more effective in a fight. Trinkets are powerful and as a result harder to find.


Accessories are items that work as attachments for the various weapon type, giving the player minor stat buffs when using those weapons. While not as powerful as Trinkets, Accessories are easier to find and can help focus a character’s speciality.


Interesting or otherwise potentially useful items. They can often help you out in strange situations but it’s also often up to you to figure out when those situations occur.