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Sol currently features 2 Playable Race with 9 Subraces. Humans aren’t the only ones to inhabit this galaxy…

A full list of Races and Subraces can be found in the Game Rules and Here as a downloadable Google Doc file.

HUMAN: Racial Ability: Multiclassing

Humans originated from Earth and have spread to terraform the entire Solar System. Due to genetic modification, each terraformed world is now home to a variant of the original human gene. Humans are average in both physical and mental capabilities. Human can multiclass and choose their third ability from a second class.

Biss: Racial Ability: Expertise

The Biss homeworld sits at an average temperature 20 degrees below the intergalactic standard. As a result, the Biss have grown larger than most races to handle the cold. Culturally, the Biss are perfectionists, striving to master their chosen field beyond compare.

Human Subraces


A genetically altered variant of humans with tough, rocky skin able to endure the blazing heat of life on Mercury. Some of the strongest in the galaxy call Mercury home. Mercurian’s are healthier and stronger than other humans.


With chloroplasts genetics spliced into their skin, Venerian’s ‘breath’ Venus’ carbon dioxide atmosphere just as well as oxygen. Their green tinted skin makes them stand out in a crowd. When searching for agile athletes or fighters, look no further than a Venerian.


100% homegrown on the planet Earth. No genetic modification, the Terran is the most adaptable of all humans with their knowledge and their survivability.


With the original colonists drawing from the finest minds in the world, Earth’s moon Luna is now home to the brightest minds in the system. The low gravity does make their bones quite brittle and prone to easily breaking.


Mars serves as one of the major training grounds for the UCS, and boasts a long military history. Children are said to be born with a rifle in their hands. Martians are often experts with any and all ranged combat.


With liquid nitrogen flowing through their veins, denizens of Pluto are some of the hardiest known to man. They have to be to survive the century long Pluto winters.

Biss Subraces


A subset of the Biss who are determined to enhance their natural skills, and become the best at what they do, throwing aside all desires and not letting anything stand in there way. With practice, they will push their best skill to its maximum potential.


A subset of the Biss who defy their culture and try to become the best at what they love rather than enhancing their innate skills. Driven, they can take their worst feature and turn it into their biggest advantage.


Any race can create an AI. A computer chip containing an artificial intelligence programmed to help both in scientific endeavors and on the battlefield. AI generally inhabit some form of technology whether that is a ship computer system or a suit of armor. AI can only play as the Computer Specialist class, and get four times the normal intelligence but with no other core stats.